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Established in 1992
Fundada en 1992


"Quería aprovechar para contar mi experiencia con Planet Au Pair. Creo que es de las pocas agencias (porque hay muchisimas ahora en España) que cumplen con lo pactado. Estoy casi un mes en Irlanda y está siendo una bonita experiencia. Un intercambio de ilusiones que espero no se derrumben a lo largo del tiempo que voy a residir aqui. Desde Valencia Planet Au Pair colabora en todo momento en tu bienestar y la verdad es que solo queda agredecerles sus gestiones.
Muchas gracias!!!" - Marsa

"I have been here is Spain for about 8 months with a wonderful family in Marbella. I live with just the father and have two boys, ages 7 and 8! I love them both and really feel like a part of the family here in Spain. I am very lucky that Planet Au Pair was able to match me up with the perfect family that could meet the needs and wishes in which I had always been dreaming about. Knowing what you want in your experience as an Au Pair is very important. But if you know that and have faith in Planet Au Pair then there is no regretting using this agency in order to start one of the best experiences of your life!" - Laura Livergood

I found the whole au-pair process really easy with Planet Au Pair, they helped me every step of the way and were really quick to answer any emails that I sent.

The family that I was placed with in Spain were very nice and really welcoming and even though I was only with them for a short time (2months), I really felt like they made me part of their family.

Anyone of thinking being an au pair, then I would recommend Planet Au Pair" - Hannah Jones

Gestión rápida del servicio, atención cercana y plena disposición al cliente. En mi caso particular muy contenta con la familia que me han asignado,cumplen con mis expectativas.
Un saludo,

"This comment may be useful to both au-pairs and their parents. There are no guarantees in this process, and in our situation, I was grateful for the way Planet Au Pair stayed involved with the placement and solved the problem that arose.

My daughter (age 18) was aupaired with a family located in a beautiful town near the southern coast. The checking-out process (managed by Planet Au Pair) went fine, and my wife even decided to make the trip over to meet the family. We felt that we'd been thorough. Sadly, there were problems almost immediately --- my daughter was, without warning, left alone for week, while the family went visiting other family members. They simply didn't think of mentioning their plan. Then, it became clear that there were uncomfortable differences between my daughter and the parents about managing their 3-year-old. After just three weeks , there was mutual agreement that the match wasn't working.

Planet Au Pair swung into action. Within 48 hours, they had selected another family, and started the get-acquainted process. Since our daughter now knew her own reactions and needs as a "foreigner" in Spain, she knew what questions to ask and what to look for in the family and the location, so it was a quick, smooth process. A week later, she moved to the new family, and this match has been very good for both sides.

Planet Au Pair had certainly done appropriate initial screening, and we had even gone farther as parents of a daughter who had not yet been seasoned by any experience at a college. Still, this breakdown and upheaval occurred. Planet Au Pair's responsiveness and experience got us through it with minimum distress." - Brian Appel

"Somos una familia que ha tenido este verano una
au pair enviada por Planet Au Pair. Quiero felicitar a Planet Au Pair por su
acierto al escoger las personas que envía, por la web que
tienen (muy útil) y por los servicios que prestan.
Desde Tarragona (España), os envío mi más sincera
enhorabuena y mis deseos de que vuestra empresa coseche los
éxitos que se merece." Jesús Martín

"Somos la familia Fernández Lozano y tenemos como au pair a Jennifer Taylor. Este comentario es sólo para hacer constatar que estamos muy contentos con ella y creo poder decir que ella con nosotros también. Se ha integrado a la perfección en nuestra casa y en las costumbres españolas y los niños están aprendiendo mucho con ella. Realmente, los trámites con Planet Au Pair fueron muy sencillos y el resultado ha sido excelente. Gracias"

I was an au pair in Playa de Canet (very near Valencia)
last summer and I had a wonderful experience. I had studied
Spanish for 5 years but had never really spoken it and my
family and living in Spain really helped me to improve my
Spanish. The family was extremely friendly and welcoming
from the first moment that I arrived. I never felt as an
employee. They were also flexible with my schedule. I would
definitely recommend being an au pair as it is something
that I will never forget. I had the opportunity to travel
and experience a totally different culture. Planet Au Pair was also
very helpful in that if there are any problems with your
family they will help you work them out or move you if
necessary. I hope to be an au pair again in Spain:)!

I'm from Canada and am currently in France as an Au-pair. The family I am with is really wonderful. I'm also watching my French improve every day,it's so much easier when it's all around you. I found this web site really helpful and all of my e-mails have been responded to within 24 hours all questions answered. I've talked to other girls who came through different agencies and have had real problems. Planet Au Pair has been great.

I am presently an Au Pair for a family in Madrid, Spain. I am so happy with everything that Planet Au Pair has done for me. The director of Planet Au Pair, was so helpful throughout the entire process of becoming an Au Pair. They responded to every email so promptly and always answered all of my questions. As for the family, I cannot write enough about them. I honestly feel as if I am their daughter. They do absolutely everything to make me feel comfortable in their home. The kids are great too. They love to speak and to practice their English along with helping me with my Spanish. I am so happy to have the opportunity to be an Au Pair. It is a wonderful experience that everyone should try!! - Amanda

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