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Q. What if I get homesick ?

A. It is only natural to feel homesick at the beginning  of your stay in your target country, but for those with enough maturity, this passes quickly. If you have serious doubts about being able to live away from home and friends for an extended period of time, wait until you are more comfortable with the idea.

Q.  I would like to go to Europe as an Au Pair, but the only experience I have is babysitting. Should I still apply ?

A.  Certainly, the more experience you have, the better your chances of placement are. However, there are other qualities that are also important for placement, such as maturity, responsibility, an interest in cultural enrichment and a real desire to work with children. If you feel you have some of these qualities, please submit your application. We will do our best to find you an appropriate family.

Q.  When should I apply ?

A.  You may start the program any time you wish. It will typically take up to a month to process your application, although placements are usually made in far less time. The sooner we have your application, the better the chances of being placed on the dates you desire. 

Q. I do not speak the language of my target country. Should I apply?

A. Yes, we can usually match you with a family who speaks English, German or French. You will find that you will pick up the language quite quickly in a total immersion situation such as living with a host family as an au pair. There is no better way to learn a language than to go to a country where it is spoken. If you don't speak English, German or French, it would be difficult. Please note that some countries like Germany and France have language level requirements.

 Q. What's the difference between an nanny and an au pair?

A. There are two types of nannies. One is a child minder who has at least one year experience with children younger than two years old. The other is a professional nanny who has been to a nanny school and usually work for a family under a work contract for an extended period of time. Au pairs and the first type of nanny are young people who want to travel for a shorter time, learn a new language, culture and share their own language and culture with their host family. In short, a professional nanny position is a job and an au pair / nanny position is a cultural exchange.

Q. I have heard of au pairs who have contacted families and have not gone through an agency. What is the advantage of going through an agency when I can find families on the Internet by using automatic website-based searches?

A. That would be fine if you are lucky and find a nice family on your own. But what if the family turns out to be one who exploits au pairs and is really looking for cheap domestic help? Or worse? Who can you turn to? A good, experienced agency will screen potential families before accepting them into their au pair program and is available after you are placed if for some reason you are placed with a family that is unsuitable for you. We also provide a human touch and personal contact to candidates and families that the Internet cannot offer.

Q. I am male. Can I apply?

A. Although we support equal opportunities, there is almost no demand for male au pairs except native English speakers and it may take time for placement.

Q. We are a couple who wants to be placed together. Is this possible?

A. No, there is no demand for couples.

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