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Founded 1992


Planet Au Pair (IES) offers families who live in Spain the opportunity to host an au pair from The United States, Canada, England, Ireland, France, Italy, and the European Union. Planet Au Pair has been working with agencies in these countries since 1992, placing au pairs in Spain and overseas. Both families and au pairs are carefully screened and selected, confirming references, and, when possible, interviewing the families and au pairs in person. Although our offices are located in Madrid, we place au pairs throughout all of Spain.

What is an au pair and an au pair teacher?

Au PairAn au pair is a young person between 18 and 30 years old (25 to 40 for an Au Pair Teacher) who wants to improve her knowledge of a language in exchange for light housework related to herself and the children and looking after the host family’s children. An au pair is not a maid or servant, but like an older sister or brother who expects to be treated as another member of the family. It's an excellent way for a family's children to learn another language and culture from a native speaker. An au pair teacher must have at least two years experience teaching English and possess an appropriate university degree.


What are the duties of an au pair?

An au pair works five hours a day, five days a week, usually with weekends free. He/she will look after your children and do light housework related to the children (i.e., take the children to school, to the park, prepare the children’s meals, change the children’s diapers, clean the children’s room, play with them, help them with their English, French, German or Italian). It is also reasonable to ask the au pair to baby-sit once or twice a week at night in addition to the five hours when your family may want to go out. We can also provide you with an au pair plus who would have the same duties but for 8 hours daily. Au Pair Teachers work 25 hours a week.

How much do we have to pay our au pair?
Demi pair

Au pair

Au pair plus

Au Pair Teacher

Live Out Au Pair

80 € a week

100 € a week

120 a week

150 € a week

9 € per hour

In addition to pocket money, you need to provide your au pair with a private room, board and two weeks paid vacation for every six months of service.

As au pairs are not considered domestic help, it is not necessary to sign them up to the Social Security program.

How much are the fees?

Au pair from the EU: 303

Au Pair that is a Native English, Chinese Speaker or live out au pair: 363

Au Pair Teacher, native English speaker: 484

These fees include VAT.

Au PairThe fees are paid upon placement and MUST be paid PRIOR to the au pair's arrival. We reserve the right to place the au pair in another family if payment is not received 7 days after the reception of the invoice. Payment can be made by postal money order, via bank wire transfer or in person. An invoice will be sent to you with bank wire instructions.

In addition to providing your family with an au pair, we are always available to help out with whatever problem that may occur. We are also available to help the au pair to assimilate in Spain and with whatever problem or doubts he or she may have. In the unlikely case that the au pair leaves within the first two weeks, we will provide a substitute at no charge. If more than two weeks have passed, we charge 242



To take advantage of our services and to register with us click here for an Application.

To process your application, we need three things:

1. The application. This needs to be filled out and sent by email or by regular mail or in person at our office.

2. Dear Au Pair letter that serves as an introduction to your family and should include the hours and duties your au pair will have once she is living with you.

3. Family photo, a photo of the au pair's bedroom and some photos of the home to give the au pair an idea where she will be living.

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