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Founded in 1992

Under our Au Pair in Spain program, Au Pairs are welcomed into the homes of  Spanish Host Families as a family member for a 1, 2, 3 (only in summer), 6, 9 or 12 month cultural exchange.

In summer we have au pair jobs with stays starting at one month. Au pairs participate in cultural exchange, immersed in Spanish life, and they assist with child care and teaching the children their language. We only accept au pairs for our Au Pair in Spain program who are nationals of the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Norway and the European Union.


Plaza Mayor, Madrid


The Au Pair will live with a carefully screened Host Family who will treat the Au Pair as a family member, not as domestic help.

Au Pairs will be given a way of contacting of other Au Pairs in the area from many areas of Europe, Australia, New Zealand and North America.

Opportunities to study at a local educational institution are available with a variety of curriculum choices.

Every consideration will be given to the Au Pair’s preferences concerning ages of children and special requests.

Pocket money:

Demi Pair, up to three hours a day, five days a week: €80 a week.

Au Pair, up to five hours a day, five days a week: €100 a week.

Au Pair Plus, up to eight hours a day, five days a week: €120 a week.

Au Pair Teachers, up to five hours a day, five days a week: €150 a week.

Private room.

If you are a recent English, ESOL, ESL or TESL graduate, au pairing in Spain is an excellent way to get some English as a Second or Other Language experience. Both the family and Planet Au Pair will be happy to provide you with a reference after you finish your stay in Spain.


Provide approximately 25 hours of quality childcare or childcare activities per week as an au pair, 15 as a demi pair and 40 hours a week as an au pair plus. Most families expect au pairs to teach their children the native language of the au pair. It is the most important reason Spanish families want to host an au pair. Au Pair teacher is 25 hours a week, five hours a day.

Commit to a 1, 2 , 3 (only in summer) 6, 9 or 12 month program. In summer, stays of one to three months are possible. At other times, three, six or nine or more months are preferred.


Spanish Host Family

The Host Family will accept the Au Pair as a member of the family and not as an employee or boarder.

The Host Family will provide the Au Pair with a private room and full board, as well as pocket money throughout his or her stay.

The Host Family understands that the primary function of the program is a cultural exchange. As a result, they will allow the Au Pair to attend classes and participate in cultural opportunities.

The Host Family will allow two days free per week, usually the weekends.

The Host Family will provide two weeks paid vacation for every six months of service. Vacations can only be taken after providing six months service, not before.


1.  The Au Pair will provide of up to approximately 25 hours per week of childcare and childcare related housekeeping for the Host Family. (40 hours per week if au pair plus, 25 if Au Pair Teacher).

2.  As a member of the family, the Au Pair will be expected to share in the usual household chores along with other family members such as assisting in cleaning up after a family meal, your own room, pick up after smaller children, bathe and dress small children and feed the children when the parents are not available. Heavy housework is not the responsibility of the Au Pair.

3.  The Au Pair is to be of assistance to the Host Family and in every way try to fulfill the duties expected. Planet Au Pair will be available to assist both parties, and will assist to resolve any disputes as to appropriate expectations.

4. Au Pairs are responsible for any personal expenses incurred while living in the home of the Host Family. This would include telephone bills, Spanish lessons, etc.


1.  Au Pairs must be between 18 and 30 years old. Au Pair teachers, 22 to 40 years old.
2.  Have some child care experience.
3.  Be a non-smoker and non-drug user. Some families will accept smokers.
4.  Speak basic conversational Spanish (not mandatory).
5.  Au Pair teachers need to have a degree in ESOL, ESL or TESL and at least two years experience teaching English to children.
6.  Be able to make a 1, 2  (only in summer), 3, 6, 9 or 12 month commitment. In summer, stays can be as short as one month. Most summer placements happen after June 15th when the children in Spain get out of school, be they one month stays or three month stays.

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Planet Au Pair is an American run au pair agency, founded in January, 1992.  We were formed with the purpose of facilitating opportunities for young people to visit and learn about different countries in order to better understand the peoples, and become familiar with the history and culture of each country as well as to improve their language proficiency.


The staff at Planet Au Pair are always only a phone call away. We are always available for counsel, assistance and continual support during the length of your stay. We are also available to mediate in the event of a dispute or disagreement between the Au Pair and the Host Family.


If you wish to study while you are in Spain, the host family must allow time for this activity, be it Spanish language classes or any other educational pursuit. It is not, however, mandatory.


Spanish Host Family

Through our Au Pair in Spain Program, every Au Pair is welcomed to Spain as a member of a Spanish family. The relationship that develops between the Au Pair and the Host Family is one that lasts a lifetime. Au Pairs can explore the exciting culture of Spain while enjoying the warmth and security of a stable, secure family life.


There are two types of nannies. One is a child minder who has at least one year experience with children younger than two years old. The other is a professional nanny who has been to a nanny school and usually work for a family under a work contract for an extended period of time. Au pairs and the first type of nanny are young people who want to travel for a shorter time, learn a new language, culture and share their own language and culture with their host family. In short, a professional nanny position is a job and an au pair / nanny position is a cultural exchange.


Once a Host Family has been selected for you, we send you the family's details and send the family yours. The Host Family will then contact you to set up a Skype video conference. After speaking with one another, the Host Family and the Au Pair decide together whether or not they are well suited for each other. We just make it easier for both parties. Planet Au Pair will refer Au Pairs to families; and, vice versa, who have similar interests and backgrounds, but the final decision is always up to the Au Pair and the Host Family.

In the unlikely event that the Au Pair is dissatisfied with the family; or, if the family is dissatisfied with the au pair, Planet Au Pair will help in attempting to resolve any problems. If the problems are insolvable, the Au Pair can choose to be placed with another Host Family, provided the Au Pair has followed the program’s guidelines. 

Host Families accepted by Planet Au Pair are thoroughly screened to ensure a safe, comfortable home for every Au Pair. Each prospective Host Family must submit a lengthy application, undergo an in-depth interview and sign a written statement agreeing to abide by the program’s guidelines.


Placement Fee: $295 US Dollars or the equivalent in your currency

Health Insurance:  In Spain, if you get sick, you are entitled to FREE health care so there is no need to buy health insurance.

Transportation: Your responsibility.

Language classes: Your responsibility


Au Pair with Kids1.  Read this web site thoroughly and complete the application form neatly in black ink.
2.  Mail the photos and documents or scan everything and email everything (preferred).
3.  When our office receives your application, you will be contacted with information regarding the status of your file.
4.  Your application will be circulated among Host families that have been selected for you.
5.  When we find you a suitable family, you will be sent the family's details and the family will call you on the phone or email you to arrange a Skype video conference. 
6.  Once accepted by a Host Family - and you accept them, you will need to make transportation arrangements and communicate them to our office. 
7.  Upon arrival in your target country, you will be picked up at the airport by your Host Family. After you settle in, give us a call or email us to let us know how you are going.

In order to process your application, we need the following:

Application, properly filled out.

1 passport size photo (smiling!)

4 children photos (you with children)

A “Dear Family” letter, in Spanish, stating who you are, why you want to go to Spain, your hobbies, interests, experience with children, any special considerations (such as diet), etc.. Please do NOT get help with the letter so the family does not think you know more Spanish than you do. If your knowledge of Spanish is zero or near zero, write the letter in English.

2 or 3 reference letters. At least one should be a child care reference. In Spanish or English.

Medical Report (a letter from your family doctor on his letterhead is fine).

Police Report (go to your local police department and tell them you need a document saying you have no criminal record for "travel" purposes).

Photocopy of your driver’s license (not mandatory, we can place you even if you don't drive).

Photocopy of your passport.

Photocopies of any degrees, high school diploma or other qualifications such as first aid or child-care courses.

Send everything by email (preferred) or snail mail.

Code of Ethics and Conduct

We are looking for agents or interviewers who reside in the following countries to recruit au pairs for Spain:

England, Ireland, Scotland, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Holland

Email us for details.

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