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Founded 1992

Under the Au Pair in Ireland program, au pairs are welcomed into the homes of Irish Host Families Au Pair as a family member for a 9 or 12 month cultural exchange.
They participate in cultural and educational activities designed to teach them about Irish life, and they assist with child care. Only EU nationals may apply to go to Ireland.


1. The Au Pair will live with a carefully screened Host Family who will treat the Au Pair as a family member, not as a servant.
2. Au Pairs will be given the phone numbers of other Au Pairs in the area from many areas of Europe and North America.
3. Au Pairs will have access to an emergency phone number.
4. Opportunities to study at a local educational institution are available with a variety of curriculum choices.
5. Every consideration will be given to the Au Pair’s preferences concerning ages of children and special requests.
6. Pocket money that varies from country to country, please ask what the country you want pays.
7. Private room.


Provide approximately 25 hours of quality childcare or childcare activities per week.

Commit to a 9 or 12 month program.



1. The Host Family will accept the Au Pair as a member of the family and not as an employee or boarder.
2. The Host Family will provide the Au Pair with a private room and full board, as well as pocket money  throughout his or her stay.
3. The Host Family understands that the primary function of the program is a cultural exchange. As a result, they will allow the Au Pair to attend classes and participate in cultural opportunities.
4. The Host Family will allow weekends free and two weeks holiday with pocket money if the au pair stays a year.


1.  The Au Pair will provide approximately 25-30 hours of childcare and childcare related housekeeping for the Host Family.
2.  As a member of the family, the Au Pair will be expected to share in the usual household chores along with other family members. Heavy housework is not the responsibility of the Au Pair.
3.  The Au Pair is to be of assistance to the Host Family and in every way try to fulfill the duties expected. Collaborating agencies will be available to assist both parties, and will assist to resolve any disputes as to appropriate expectations.
4. Au Pairs are responsible for any personal expenses incurred while living in the home of the Host Family. This would include telephone bills, etc.


1.  Be between 23 and 40 years old.
2.  Have some child care experience.
3.  Be a non-smoker and non-drug user.
4.  Speak intermediate oral English.
5.  Be able to make 9 or 12 month commitment.
6.  Driver's license.


Planet Au Pair is an American run au pair agency, founded January, 1992, working with the United States, England, Ireland, Holland, France, Germany and Italy, among other countries.

We were formed with the purpose of facilitating opportunities for young people to visit and learn about different countries in order to better understand the peoples,  and become familiar with the history and culture of each country as well as to improve their language proficiency.


Planet Au Pair offers the opportunity to experience the Irish culture with the safe and secure environment of an Irish Host Family. The program strives to cultivate better intercultural awareness among participants and bring about a greater understanding among other nations.


If accepted by Planet Au Pair, and you are from an EU (European Union)  member country, a visa is not necessary and we can only place EU nationals in Ireland.


The staff at our collaborating agencies are always nearby. They are always available for counsel, assistance and continual support during the length of your stay. They are also present to mediate in the event of a dispute or disagreement between the Au Pair and the Host Family.


If you wish to attend language classes or any other educational pursuit while you are in your target country, the host family must allow time for this activity. It is, however, always not mandatory.


Through the Planet Au Pair Au Pair Program, every Au Pair is welcomed to Ireland as a member of an Irish family. The relationship that develops between the Au Pair and the Host Family is one that lasts a lifetime. Au Pairs can explore the exciting culture of Ireland while enjoying the warmth and security of a stable, secure family life.


Between 100 and 200 per week. 


Host Families accepted by Planet Au Pair and our collaborating agencies are thoroughly screened to ensure a safe, comfortable home for every Au Pair. Each prospective Host Family must submit a lengthy application, undergo an in depth personal interview, provide solid character references, and sign a written statement agreeing to abide by the program’s guidelines.

Unlike most other programs, Planet Au Pair permits each Au Pair to choose the family with whom they will be placed. After speaking with one another, the Host Family and the Au Pair decide together whether or not they are well suited for each other.

Based on extensive experience, Planet Au Pair will refer Au Pairs to families who have similar interests and backgrounds, but the final decision is always up to the Au Pair and the Host Family.

In the unlikely event that the Au Pair is dissatisfied with the family, our collaborating agency in your target country will help in attempting to resolve any problems. If the problems are insolvable, the Au Pair will be placed with another Host Family, provided the Au Pair has followed the program’s guidelines.


Placement fee: €363 (or the equivalent  in your currency). In addition, there is an €18 charge for the bank charges us to receive the wire transfer. For currency exchange rates, click here

Health Insurance: Your responsibility. Some European Union countries have treaties with Ireland. Check with your health provider to see if your country has one. You can also check out Traveler's Insurance.
Transportation: Your responsibility.


Once you have been accepted by a family and you have also accepted the family, you need to pay the placement fee prior to your departure for your target country. You will be sent an invoice with bank wire instructions.


1.  Read this web site thoroughly and complete the application form neatly.
2.  Either send them all by regular mail or scan everything (including the signed application) and email everything (preferred).
3.  When the office receives your application, you will be contacted with information regarding the status of your file. 
4.  Your application will be circulated among Host families that have been selected for you.
5.  You then will begin to receive phone calls from Host Families that are interested in you. You may hear from several families before you and the potential Host Family agree that you are well suited for each other.
6.  Once accepted by a Host Family, you will need to pay your placement fee, make transportation arrangements and communicate them to our office.
7.  Upon arrival in Ireland, you will be picked up at the airport by your Host Family. After you settle in, give our collaborating agency a call to tell  them how you are doing.

In order to process your application, we need the following:

Application, properly filled out
1 passport size photo (smiling!)
4 children photos (you with children)
A “Dear Family” letter, in English, stating who you are, why you want to go to your target country, your hobbies, interests, experience with children, any special considerations (such as diet), etc..
2 or 3 reference letters, translated into English. At least one should be a child care reference.
Medical Report, a letter from your family doctor on his or her letterhead stating you are in good health and have no communicable illnesses.
Police Report: go to your local police department and ask them for a name check for traveling purposes.
Photocopy of your driver’s license.
Photocopies of any degrees, high school diploma or other qualifications such as first aid or childcare courses.



To apply to be an au-pair in Ireland with Planet Au Pair, print out the form on this page. Then scan and email completed and signed form, along with the photos and other documents to us.

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